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Mill Warm-up shows SOLD OUT!!
Added 2014-04-15 10:59:37

The traditional Warm-Up shows for Fairport and special guests before the Cropredy Festival are now ompletely SOLD OUT!!

Fairport the Puppy is growing fast!!!
Added 2014-04-11 11:38:13

Now, those of you who attend the Cropredy Festival each year will be familiar with the popular Canine Partners Cookie stand at the top of the arena field with the other charities.

Canine Partners train dogs to assist disabled folk in their everyday needs and help them gain more independence. The dogs are trained in a variety of ways to help, such as - opening and closing doors, retrieving a variety of items, pressing buttons, raising the alarm, unloading washing machines and much more depending on the needs of the individual.

Well Fairporters. In recognition of your generosity over the years, CP have named a soon-to-be-assistance dog - Fairport!! More...

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Cropredy Marina Now Open!
Added 2014-03-07 11:03:36

The 249 berth Cropredy Marina on the Oxford Canal is now open.

For those folk bringing narrow boats to the festival, the Cropredy Marina is situated on the Claydon Road,  just five mins walk from the village centre.

For more information, click here.

Fairport at Compton Verney!
Added 2014-05-30 16:52:40

As part of Compton Verney's celebration, we were been asked to help break the world record for the longest festive bunting string. So this afternoon, we dropped in and we did!

All five of us (plus our festival and touring teams including Roxy!) have hand-crafting pennants which will be incorporated in a seven-mile length of bunting. 

In August, we'll be inviting everyone at Cropredy to contribute to the bunting world record too. A team from Compton Verney will have a stall at the festival where you can individually decorate bunting pennants. There'll be craft materials - pencils, crayons and paints - supplied for you to use. We'll also be cajoling musicians from this year's line-up to have a go. More...

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